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Great web design requires intuitive navigation combined with useful and relevant content with effective calls to action that will ultimately generate you more business. As a web design agency, we work across many sectors including property, financial services, retail, media & communications.

We build websites and applications using the latest technologies that work hard, achieve results, and generate a return on investment. As a successful digital agency, we have been providing clients with professional and cost-effective web development services since 2007.

Case study

House of son amar

Dive into our detailed case study on the transformative journey of House of Son Amar, a premier venue located in the heart of Mallorca, Spain. Our mission was to amplify their online presence through the development of several tailor-made websites, each designed to effectively highlight the unique events and shows hosted by the venue. Learn how our strategic approach in web design and development played a pivotal role in showcasing the enchanting world of Son Amar to a global audience.

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The investment of developing a website hinges on several factors, including the chosen technology, desired features, and specific web design requirements. Crafting a professional website is a labor-intensive and meticulous process, and similar to other industries, opting for the cheapest option often results in higher costs down the line. Factors influencing the website’s cost include:

– The choice between creating a bespoke web design or using a pre-existing template. Our company exclusively undertakes custom web design projects.

– The types and extent of content, integrations, and functionalities to be included in the website.

– The degree of self-management capability required by the client. Ideally, developing a backend with a content management system (CMS) is recommended for enhanced control and independence for website administrators.

We know this is an open-ended answer, so to give you an idea of how much you should invest:

A basic website of around 3 pages, such as an online menu for a restaurant, can cost approximately 995 €, £ or $.

A larger website of around 5 pages for businesses or professional services, can cost approximately 1995 €, £ or $.

Bespoke websites, such as real estate portals can range from 2000+ (€, £ or $). 

A web project crafted with passion typically spans at least four to six weeks to complete, with the timeline extending based on the project’s complexity. The development stages of a website include:

1. Understanding the digital project’s requirements by gathering briefings from the client and analyzing competitors.

2. Setting objectives for SEO positioning through thorough analysis and planning.

3. Proceeding with the web design phase.

4. Programming the website.

5. Conducting quality assurance, deploying, and publishing the website.

We specialize in crafting a wide range of websites. Our expertise primarily lies in creating corporate websites and e-commerce platforms for small to medium-sized enterprises, as well as for prominent brands and institutional websites. Our portfolio showcases a diverse array of projects, including both B2B and B2C examples across various industries. Additionally, we design product catalogs, landing pages, microsites, blogs, and booking portals.

Our approach is focused on providing custom web design solutions tailored specifically to your company’s requirements, ensuring that every proposal we present is unique because we steer clear of templates.

Unlike agencies that specialize in a particular sector, our expertise lies in meticulously analyzing each project to deliver a web design that not only meets the client’s needs but also resonates with the end-user. We believe every project deserves a distinct design, and our goal is to bring that to life. You’re invited to explore our web portfolio to see the breadth of our capabilities.

No. As a web design agency rooted in both Mallorca and the UK, we are fortunate to serve a global clientele. Our reach extends far beyond our local bases, allowing us to work with customers from various corners of the world. This diverse client base not only enriches our experience but also enhances the quality and versatility of our design projects. It’s a privilege to collaborate with such a wide range of businesses and individuals on a global scale.

Indeed, we specialize in crafting websites using WordPress, but our approach stands apart from many others. We harness the flexibility of WordPress while delivering custom web designs, ensuring each website is one-of-a-kind and optimized for search engines. Our deep dive into WordPress has taught us to prioritize aspects frequently overlooked by others. To construct a website that’s not only potent and swift but also durable, we emphasize personalized design, bespoke coding, minimal reliance on plugins, a strong focus on security, and a steadfast avoidance of pre-made templates.