Mallorca, Spain | West Sussex, UK

Not the biggest, but the best team


Founder, Website Design, UI/UX, SEO, Front End Development

I’m James, the mind and motivation behind Jayco. Since embarking on my web design journey in 2007, I’ve dedicated myself to refining my craft, ultimately taking the leap to full-time professional status in 2020. Born and raised in the UK, my quest for creativity and inspiration has led me to the vibrant shores of Mallorca, Spain.

At Jayco, my passion revolves around crafting exquisite websites, with a keen focus on user interface/user experience (UI/UX) and optimizing for search engines (SEO) to ensure your site not only looks exceptional but performs brilliantly too. Join me in this creative endeavor to bring your digital vision to life with Jayco.


Full Stack Development

I’m Simon, your go-to full-stack website developer based in the bustling heart of London, UK. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovation, I’ve been crafting unique online experiences since embarking on this exciting journey.

In 2020, a serendipitous collaboration began that would set the stage for a series of exceptional website projects. I teamed up with James, a like-minded visionary, and together, we established what is now known as Jayco. Our mission from day one has been straightforward yet ambitious: to transform and elevate the online presence of businesses and individuals alike.

Our journey since 2020 has been nothing short of remarkable. We’ve had the privilege of working with an array of clients, each with their unique vision and aspirations. These experiences have not only honed our technical skills but have also enriched our understanding of what makes a website truly effective in today’s digital age.


Social Media Management, Ads Expert

My name is Emily, your dedicated social media maestro at the helm of navigating the vibrant world of digital content. With a profound passion for connecting brands to their audience through the power of social media, I have embarked on this fascinating journey to transform your online presence.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of collaborating with an array of businesses, each with their unique identity and aspirations. My role? To tailor bespoke social media solutions that resonate with their target audience, driving engagement, and fostering brand loyalty.

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