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Bondi Beach

Services this project used

Bondi Beach Magaluf is a high-end restaurant located along the Magaluf beach front in Calvia, Mallorca.

The restaurant is already established as one of the best restaurants in the area.

Bondi Beach approached us to create a new website for their restaurant and completely manage and grow their social media accounts.

We speak your language

Bondi Beach Magaluf is an international restaurant that is very popular with locals and with tourists.

It was important that their new business website would be available in multiple languages.

When translating a website we use the correct URL structure and not just automatically show a different language with a Google translate plugin. The Spanish version should contain /es, the German version /de and so forth.

This allows Google and other search engines to show the correct version of the website in the correct language and ultimately improves the SEO of the website.

Digital QR menu

We created a digital QR menu for customers to scan once at Bondi Beach Magaluf to view their selection of cocktails, wines and food.

This interactive food and drink menu has several different benefits compared to the usual PDF menu you see in most restaurants. 

Unlike a PDF menu, this interactive menu can be easily updated, translated and adapts to the users screen size. There is no need to zoom in to read the text and the interactive buttons allow for easy navigation.

See menu.

Integrated booking system

As with all restaurants, the ability for the customer to easily make a table reservation is the most crucial aspect of any website.

With Bondi Beach Magaluf, we integrated a booking system so users can easily reserve their table along with easy-to-contact buttons should the user wish to reserve a different way.

Each reservation system is translated to further increase the chance of the user completing a table reservation.

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