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House of Son Amar

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House of Son Amar is a premier tourist attraction located in Mallorca, Spain.

Renowned for its exquisite dinner shows, the house offers an unforgettable blend of music, dance, acrobatics, and Spanish ballet.

The venue, situated in a traditional Mallorcan mansion surrounded by beautiful gardens and breathtaking views, adds to the unique charm and appeal. Its lavish auditorium has hosted numerous performances by international artists and entertainers.

Additionally, the House of Son Amar offers world-class gastronomic experiences with meals crafted by top-tier chefs, creating an engaging culinary journey for its guests. This stunning location with its delightful shows and cuisine contributes to the vibrant culture and nightlife of Mallorca.

Multi venue websites

The reputable and established House of Son Amar hired us at Jayco to design, create, and maintain a series of different websites tailored to the unique needs and purposes of their diverse range of programs held in Mallorca. Our dedicated team at Jayco, through thorough and consistent maintenance and updates, ensures that these websites operate at optimum levels and efficiently serve the intended purposes.

The websites we designed are specifically oriented towards individual events or programs, enhancing user engagement and experience while showcasing House of Son Amar’s broad variety of programs. The digital portfolio comprises multiple distinct websites, each representing a specific event. This strategy has ensured an easy-to-navigate and straightforward digital space for each of House of Son Amar’s initiatives.

Exhibit website

Local SEO improvements

We maintain a direct and continuous working relationship with House of Son Amar in order to enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) of all their web properties. Our aim is to improve their online visibility, thus boosting their web traffic. This includes a wide range of activities, such as, keyword research, analysis of their websites’ performance, as well as making necessary changes to their web content and design.

Furthermore, we also make sure that all the links are functioning correctly and also develop strategies for backlinking. Additionally, we also work on enhancing their local SEO, meta tags, image optimization, URL structure and website load speed, amongst others, for better ranking of their websites on search engines.

We are continuously updating our SEO techniques and practices as per the latest updates from Google, Bing, and other search engines to ensure House of Son Amar’s websites are performing at their best and reaching their intended audiences.

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