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We’ve had the pleasure of working with over 300 clients and businesses worldwide. Here are just a few of our website design projects.

House of son amar mallorca

For our esteemed client, House of Son Amar, we had the privilege to design and develop an array of bespoke websites tailored to showcase their illustrious events.

We dedicated ourselves to creating distinctive online platforms for Exhibit, Ohalá, Christmas Wonderland, and Oktoberfest, each reflecting the unique charm and essence of the event it represented.

Through meticulous planning, innovative design, and seamless integration of functionalities, we delivered websites that not only amplified the visibility of each event but also enhanced the user experience, ensuring each visitor could effortlessly navigate and engage with the content. Our collaboration with House of Son Amar underscores our commitment to excellence and our capability to bring our clients’ visions to life with creativity and precision.


For the esteemed Iroko Restaurant, our team was privileged to engineer a comprehensive digital makeover. This involved crafting an intuitive website that not only serves as a welcoming portal for the restaurant’s guests but also hosts a dynamic digital menu, showcasing their exquisite culinary offerings with both flair and functionality.

Beyond the website, our efforts extended into the realm of social media management. We adeptly handled the restaurant’s social media platforms, curating content that encapsulates the essence of Iroko’s dining experience, thus engaging their audience and elevating their online presence. Through this holistic digital strategy, we’ve helped Iroko Restaurant flourish in the digital domain, connecting them with a broader audience while enhancing their customer’s dining journey.

Our team was entrusted with the exciting project of designing the digital home for Scout Mallorca, a distinguished real estate company renowned for its portfolio of high-end properties.

Our mission was to craft a website that not only reflected the elegance and luxury of their offerings but also provided a seamless, user-friendly experience for prospective buyers. From the initial wireframe to the final design, every element was meticulously curated to embody the sophistication of Scout Mallorca’s brand while enhancing functionality.

We focused on clean, visually appealing layouts, intuitive navigation, and interactive features to showcase properties in their best light. The result is a website that stands as a beacon of luxury in the real estate market, inviting users to explore the exquisite properties Scout Mallorca has to offer.

Our team was thrilled to collaborate with SiSo Beach Restaurant, a gem known for its stunning seaside ambiance and exquisite cuisine. Tasked with enhancing their online presence, we crafted a visually captivating website that embodies the essence of their unique dining experience.

The website features a user-friendly digital menu, making it easier for customers to explore and savor their culinary offerings. Furthermore, we took the helm of their social media management, ensuring that their vibrant dishes and scenic views are showcased to a broader audience. Through strategic content and engaging interactions, we’ve helped SiSo Beach Restaurant not only reach but resonate with both new and loyal patrons, reinforcing its status as a must-visit destination.

For Natural Treats, we embarked on creating an engaging and seamless online e-commerce platform. Our dedication to delivering an exceptional online experience for Natural Treats’ customers was paramount.

Leveraging advanced web design and robust digital marketing strategies, we significantly elevated the brand’s online presence. The culmination of our efforts has remarkably positioned Natural Treats as the premier supplier of natural dog treats across Europe.

Through innovative approaches and a customer-centric design, we have successfully propelled Natural Treats to the forefront of the industry, showcasing the power of digital transformation in reaching unparalleled success.

Our team had the fantastic opportunity to design and develop the website for the iconic Bondi Beach Restaurant. Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence in the hospitality industry, we focused on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

This project entailed not only the design and implementation of a digital menu that showcases the restaurant’s food and drink in an engaging way but also taking charge of their social media management.

Our strategic approach aimed at enhancing customer engagement and fostering a vibrant community around the restaurant’s brand. We are proud of the seamless and interactive experience we have provided for the restaurant’s guests, helping to elevate its online visibility and customer reach.

In our web design project, we were tasked with crafting the online presence for Lalia, an exclusive private members’ club situated in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Adhering to rigorous design specifications provided by the client, our team aimed to embody the club’s luxurious and exclusive atmosphere through every aspect of the website. From selecting a sophisticated colour palette that mirrors the elegance of Lalia’s interior to integrating an intuitive application system for prospective members, every element was meticulously designed to ensure a seamless and inviting user experience.

Our design approach not only aligned with the club’s prestigious brand identity but also optimized user engagement, reflecting the club’s commitment to excellence and exclusivity. This project stands as a testament to our ability to navigate and implement strict design guidelines while delivering a product that elevates the client’s online presence and connects with their target audience.

In a venture that showcased our adeptness in marrying functionality with aesthetic appeal, we took on the challenge of designing the digital presence for Stereo, a vibrant bar located in the heart of Mallorca.

Our ambition was to encapsulate the lively and inviting atmosphere of the bar, crafting an online experience that mirrored the warmth and energy of a night at Stereo. To this end, our project encompassed the creation of a seamless booking and reservation system, allowing guests to effortlessly secure their spot in this bustling hotspot from the convenience of their devices.

Understanding the paramount importance of visibility in the digital realm, we implemented comprehensive SEO optimization strategies, ensuring that Stereo stands out in the crowded online landscape, and attracting locals and tourists alike. Further amplifying Stereo’s online footprint, we integrated social media management into our design project, harnessing the power of platforms like Instagram and Facebook to engage with the community, share upcoming events, and showcase the unique ambience of the bar.

This holistic approach to the website’s design not only elevates the user experience but also cements Stereo’s presence both online and off, promising an exciting digital journey that translates into memorable real-world experiences.

For our latest web design project, we were thrilled to collaborate with Unique, a premier bar located in the heart of Mallorca.

Understanding the establishment’s need to stand out in a competitive hospitality industry, we meticulously developed a comprehensive website tailored to enhance their digital presence. Key to this endeavor was the integration of a seamless booking and reservation system, simplifying the process for both the bar and its patrons. Recognizing the importance of visibility in today’s digital age, we implemented advanced SEO optimization techniques, ensuring Unique rises above the noise in online searches related to Mallorca’s vibrant nightlife.

Furthermore, we took charge of the bar’s social media management, crafting a coherent and engaging strategy across platforms to build a stronger connection with their audience and drive more foot traffic. Our holistic approach to Unique’s web design project not only delivered a functional and visually appealing website but also equipped the bar with the digital tools necessary to grow its brand and attract more visitors.

In crafting the digital presence for TukTuk, a vibrant street food restaurant known for its dynamic flavours and authentic experience, our objective was to mirror the energy and passion of the brand through its website.

To achieve this, we embarked on a web design project that was both visually engaging and functionally robust. The centrepiece of our development efforts was the creation of an intuitive online ordering and delivery system. This system was designed to provide users with a seamless experience, from browsing the diverse menu to customizing orders and finally, to arranging for either pickup or delivery, all with just a few clicks.

With user-friendly interfaces and an aesthetically pleasing layout, the website not only reflects TukTuk’s brand ethos but also enhances customer engagement and satisfaction, fostering a stronger connection between the restaurant and its clientele. Through strategic design and thoughtful implementation, we successfully launched a website that serves as a digital extension of TukTuk’s lively atmosphere, making their delicious street food more accessible to patrons near and far.

For the Eclipse Balearic project, our team was tasked with designing a sophisticated website for a leading property management company. Our objective was to encapsulate the essence of the Balearic Islands’ serene beauty and the luxurious services provided by Eclipse Balearic.

Through a collaborative process, we established a design strategy that focused on simplicity, elegance, and responsiveness. The final design features a minimalist layout that allows stunning property images to take center stage, complemented by a calm colour scheme inspired by the coastal landscape. Interactive elements, such as property tours and a booking system, were integrated seamlessly to provide an intuitive user experience.

Accessibility and mobile responsiveness were also key priorities, ensuring that the website is effortlessly navigable on any device. This project not only elevated Eclipse Balearic’s online presence but also set a new benchmark for property management websites. Through this design, we have successfully communicated the company’s commitment to quality and luxury, making it a standout addition to our portfolio.

For the i3 Composites project, our goal was to craft a digital showcase that reflected the precision and custom craftsmanship that this company brings to the boating industry.

i3 Composites is renowned for their bespoke boat parts, combining cutting-edge technology with traditional boat-building artistry. Our challenge was to design a website that not only highlighted the uniqueness of their offerings but also facilitated an intuitive user experience.

We incorporated a sleek, modern design with high-resolution imagery that captures the detail and quality of their custom parts. Interactive galleries were implemented to allow visitors to explore various projects and the intricacies involved in their creation. The site’s architecture was meticulously planned to ensure that prospective clients could easily navigate through the services offered, learn about the company’s process, and make inquiries seamlessly.

The final product is a testament to i3 Composites’ mastery in boat part craftsmanship, providing them with a digital platform that amplifies their brand and connects them with their target audience more effectively.

In crafting the online presence for Mallorca Tix, our objective was to encapsulate the essence of Mallorca’s stunning landscapes and the exhilaration of its tours in a user-friendly digital interface. The project entailed the creation of a comprehensive web design for a platform offering access to over 200 tours across Mallorca, ranging from serene beachside excursions to thrilling mountain adventures.

Our approach was centred on developing an intuitive and engaging user experience, enabling visitors to easily navigate through the vast array of tours, filter their preferences, and make informed decisions about their travel itineraries. We employed a colour palette inspired by the natural beauty of Mallorca, integrating vivid imagery and immersive content that showcases the unique attributes of each tour.

Our responsive design ensures that the website is accessible across all devices, catering to the needs of global travellers seeking their next adventure in Mallorca. Through this project, we aimed to not just highlight Mallorca Tix’s offerings but also to ignite the spirit of exploration in every visitor, inviting them to discover the wonders of Mallorca firsthand.

For the web design project showcased in our portfolio, we took on the exciting task of crafting an engaging online presence for It Is What It Is, a vibrant and beloved restaurant located in the heart of Palma de Mallorca.

Understanding the restaurant’s unique ethos and the need to stand out in a competitive culinary landscape, our team embarked on a design journey focused on blending aesthetics with functionality. We developed a visually captivating website that not only reflects the restaurant’s lively and welcoming ambience but also offers a seamless user experience.