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Jayco Website Design is innovative and not afraid to be, and we carry this personality over to our work. We are bold and believe that this is the only way to stand out in an overcrowded world. We approach website design the same way.

Every web design project is unique. Whether you choose an unmanaged or managed service, we want to get to know your company, understand your needs, and determine an appropriate timeline and project plan tailored to your business. We want to put all of the knowledge and experience that has won us numerous web design awards, to work for you!

1. Research Phase

This is where we talk with you and learn about your brand and how the website design will help move it forward.


What functions and features will your website have?  What kind of content do you want to put out there? What are your overall marketing goals? 


Think you know your customers well? We’ll investigate this further so we can identify what kind of content interests your customers, their demographic data and what kind of information keeps them engaged.


We can’t set and measure goals if we don’t know where you started. We’ll audit your current website, SEO and marketing efforts and set benchmarks based on where you want to go.


Do you know how you stack up against your competition? You should. We’ll research their websites to see what content is resonating with their audience, how effective their keywords are and what they are doing online. Then, we will design a website that will give you an edge with design, usability and SEO.

2. Creative Phase


We willl plan engaging posts using a combination of relevant curated content mixed with original creative content to position you as a leader in your industry.


Nothing feels better than achieving what you set out to do, which is why we love goal setting. We’ll work with you to set the right goals so when you do hit them, you can celebrate like a champion.


We’ll be inventive and innovative using content in multiple ways. That YouTube video of your business is a great share for Facebook where Instagram might be a perfect place for a social graphic promoting tickets for the event. We also know that an image that looks stellar on Facebook may have the tagline chopped off on Instagram. Creating the right campaign can boost your social media presence and build you a whole new audience.


Community Management is what happens beyond your social media posts. Think customer service, responding to customers, and participating in brand-related discussions online. Social listening is key to community management because it gives brands a face and encourages those all-important personal connections between a company and its followers.

3. Development Phase

The website development stage is when the website design starts coming together. We start the coding process and pull the sitemap, style tiles, wireframes and content together to build the design and layout of the web pages. By the time we get to the website development stage, you have been involved and seen all of the pieces that make up the web design, now you are able to click from page to page and use a functional, responsive website.

The development phase is the longest of the four phases in our web design process, this is where most of the work is being done with page layout, custom graphics, icons, infographics, text layout and all of the responsive coding to make the site work across all devices.

4. Launch Phase

The launch stage is very important, this is where we prepare the site to transition to a live environment and make sure nothing was left out or overlooked.


There are so many variations of computer operating systems, browsers, devices, resolutions and personalised settings, you will always find a view that looks a little off.  We test the site  with the intention of finding something wrong.


When launching a new website or redesigning a current website, we want to map URL’s to keep or improve SEO.  We also install tracking programs such as Google Analytics and submit your sitemap to the major search engines.


Once the website is designed and launched, then what?  We are here to assist with all website maintenance and website marketing efforts thought our managed services program.  A successful web design project is a successful website that helps build your business.

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